Nirvana on absolute fire back in the good old 90's. Original sound. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

In what you can probably call a homecoming performance of sorts, Nirvana gave this outstanding show one fateful night at a peer in Seattle.
What ties my head in absolute knots about this clip is how they could give music so simplistic in nature so much energy & power. The fact that the chorus line only consist of the word "Yeah" pretty much sums it up.
I DO NOT own the footage what so ever & although the audio is that of the original broadcast of the authentic 1993 "Mtv's Nirvana Live & Loud" New Years Eve Special, that credit I can not for the life in me take either.
All & every single credit are solely due to these complete LEGENDS in the form of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl & Pat Smear.
Thank you for your contribution to modern music gentlemen, what you gave to this world in one brief bubble of time is immensely appreciated & will live on forever.
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