Nobsound 6P1 Revisited: Next Level Mods in 2023!

We are going to revisit this popular made in China vacuum tube amplifier. This time we are not going to be restrained by the factory power transformer, it's going in the trash. I'm not sure how much of the original amplifier as far as part or it's design we are going to keep.

Please leave comments on what you think I should do. Try to work within the constraints of the small, original output transformers and stay as a triode strapped amp? Try "Pure pentode"? Replace them with some larger UL type but stay with an SE amp? Or completely redesign it as a push-pull and see how much power we can get!

The very first video series on this channel was on this amp, and since that time I've learned a lot about not only tube amplifiers, but also about video production and how best to show how to do mods on tube amps. I now have better test equipment and some new ideas on how to possibly get even more performance out of this fun, cheap little amp so stay tuned!
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