Now wired for 9.2.4 - Polk 900-LS in ceiling installed, XLR balanced to subs, Speakon to Front Wides

Now wired for 9.2.4 - Polk 900-LS in ceiling installed, XLR balanced to subs - Ripewave Audio enhanced the wiring within its home theater to support 9.2.4 with in-wall wiring. The Polk Audio 900-LS we purchased over a year ago on sale finally get installed and tested. With the in-wall wiring we now have our Rhythmik Audio F18 18 inch sealed subwoofers properly connected and can remove the cables we had running across the floor. We also prepared for our split room setup with amplifiers serving the front stage in the front of the room while the rear speakers get powered from future amplifiers in the back. Our turntable and Parasound zPhono XRM pre-amp get their new located at the back of the room. Balanced XLR cabled connect the long 27 foot span between front and back for low-level signals while 2 and 4 conductor 12-gauge Monoprice cables bring power to the speakers. All in-wall cables are CL-2 rated for in-wall use.

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