NRT Neo Radial Technology by Aura Sound , Digital Designs Z motor & EMF Yolo are all neodymium turds

NRT paper hosted by Madisound, (thank you!) -
DD's version -
EMF's version -
Aura in their prime -

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Full bridge / Brazilian design amps with 3yr warranty!!!... Unlike Sundown and Wolfram's versions.
8k's are $600 shipped. - ONLY ONE LEFT!
5k's are $450 shipped. - ONLY 2 LEFT!

5400 wrms Korean designs are $600 shipped with 3yr warranty! - only 2 left!

Compare to Sundown.

I never want to compromise my freedom of speech for payouts from Google....That means I will not monetize these videos.... So, if you want to support me / us, there are other ways to do it.... And that way you get to hear me say curse words. "Just let'em roll, motherfuckin' shit, god damn asshole."

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