Nullify Your Move Cool-down With This Broken Shell Amplifier Meta Build of *GENGAR* in Master Rank!

in this video of Pokemon unite I've shown the most overpowered shell bell and energy amplifier black emblem meta build of gengar with which you can nullify your move cool down in master rank!!!

This Best Build for Gengar in Pokemon Unite uses the move set of Hex and Sludge Bomb.

I’m sure you can reach master rank easily with this broken Infinity hex meta build of Gengar in Pokemon Unite.
This Build is really great choice for Solo queue as well as For Teams. The Current best build according to the meta is Represented in this video.
This video contains my full master rank gameplay with the best build for Gengar used with Hex and Sludge bomb!
Gengar master rank gameplay by top global Gengar in Pokemon Unite.
Master rank points 2100+
No voiceover but this contains best gameplay of master Gengar!

The best Gengar of Indian server.
How to reach master rank in Pokemon unite.
How to play at master rank in Pokemon unite.
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How to master Gengar in Pokemon unite.
How to play Gengar Hex in Pokemon Unite.
How to play Gengar Sludge Bomb in Pokemon Unite.
Gengar Hex and Sludge bomb combo in Pokemon Unite.
Here Gengar shows why he is the best speedster In master rank Pokemon unite.
Gengar is too overpowered Speedster!!!
Most powerful Gengar in Pokemon unite , Pokemon unite master global player.

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