Nulling Quest XP #6

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Welcome to my Old School RuneScape Hardcore Ironman gameplay. In today's episode specifically we'll be nulling a small xp drop from cold war, gathering lucky implings, gathering more gp, finding greater navigation, and opening more medium clues in the hopes for more strength bonus!
This is the sixth episode of "The Defence Saga" journey. In this series we are working on a defence pure strategy in which we maintain a low Combat level and have high defence, all with an end goal of killing Jad with only 1 prayer as well as being a defence pure iron man.

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Intro 0:00
Account Summary 0:30
GMG 1:55
Series Recap 3:12
Impling Skilling Method 4:42
Logs & Favour 15:20
The Last Recoils 19:47
Cold War Method 20:51
Medium Clues & GP 26:49
Future Transportation 28:48
Instanced Clue Steps 29:47
Clues & Lucky Imps 31:05
New Route? 35:05
More Clues 36:26
Series Breakthrough 38:40
40 Combat Goal 40:05
Zeah Favour 41:17
Sampling Easy Clues 42:53
Puro Puro & Hard Clues 47:31
White Graceful 48:55
Gnome Stronghold 49:21
Medium Clue Footage 49:40
Morytania Routing 50:26
HD Rendi 52:37
More Alchables 53:02
Tourist Trap Step 55:50
Slayer Ring Plans 57:01
More Alchables Part Two 57:39
Wintertodt & Poison Dynamite 58:37
Ring Of The Elements 1:00:47

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