Nur Nilam Sari (Intro Solo Guitar Cover )#shorts #shopeemalaysia #princearep

Nur Nilam Sari (Intro Solo Guitar Cover )#shorts #shopeemalaysia #princearep

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Since ramai yang tanya Equipment apa yang aku gunakan, jadi aku dah listkan dibawah ni | Equipment i use :

1.HP Prodesk i5 4th Gen 4590 Tower 8GB DDR3 SSD Win 10 & AMD Radeon 8490 & 20" (Cpu only) : https://shp.ee/gpb9qf5
2.Behringer U-Phoria UM2 USB Audio Interface (UM-2 / UM 2) : https://shp.ee/2nwzksm
3.Guitar Link Interface : https://shp.ee/4fiibza
4.Link for Custom Pickup (Dimarzio) : https://shp.ee/9u82cyx
5.Link for Ibanez Jem Guitar : https://shp.ee/ieunduh
6.Guitar Wrap : https://shp.ee/2c2a2d2
7.Link for RC Strom Lefty Guitar : https://shp.ee/34n4sz5
8.Blw Off Road series Guitar : https://shp.ee/t9vb4n5?smtt=0.0.9
9.Guitar String 0.8 D'Addario : https://shp.ee/zktvdih
10.Camera : https://shp.ee/y5amagv
11.POCO M3 [4GB+64GB / 4GB+128GB] ORIGINAL SET (Xiaomi Malaysia Warranty) : https://shp.ee/f8g4wkm
12.Guitar Rig Software (distortion & amp) : https://shp.ee/6c67acv
13.MOOER PE100 Multi-effects Processor Guitar : https://shp.ee/2c2a2d2
14.Bucket/Gaming Chair : https://shp.ee/4iii4cb
15.Small Mic Condensor : https://shp.ee/mt7dj6d
16.Mic Condensor BM800 : https://shp.ee/hxxefvd
17.G&M HA400 Ultra-compact 4 Channels Mini Audio Stereo Headphone Amplifier : https://shp.ee/5v9pdkd
18.Logitech C310 HD Webcam : https://shp.ee/smdsyyf
19.Jim Dunlop Guitar Pick 475P3.0mm BIG STUBBY Guitar Pick : https://shp.ee/khp3mjj
20.Marshall Major Leather Noise Cancelling Headphones Headset : https://shp.ee/6apiif
21.Green Screen Cloth : https://shp.ee/sz5yncd
22.Green Screen Onsmo Portable Background Stand : https://shp.ee/kpnyj8d
23.Double Holder Aluminium Metal Guitar Stand for Acoustic, Classical, Electric, Bass 24.Guitars : https://shp.ee/76hxakd
25.L-MS150 Stage Stand for Microphone (Floor Type) With Two Clips : https://shp.ee/disc3q5
26.26CM/33CM (10 inches) 3D LED selfie ring light with 210cm tripod and mobile phone stand for live streaming : https://shp.ee/9sgy555
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