NUX AC-25 Acoustic Guitar Amp test by Jimmy Lin (No Talking)

This is NOT a sponsor video, The NUX guys didn't pay me to say anything, and they haven't seen this video until publish. This is just my honest opinion.

I've been testing this amp for about two weeks, and I have to say I enjoy it most of the time. Let's talk about some things I really don't like first.

1. I really hope this amp have the same IR simulation as the bigger brother "AC-80". Unfortunately, we only have two simple preamps in the amp. It would be so~nice if this amp has it! Maybe the future firmware update will add in. Who knows....

2. There's no ON/OFF button in the reverb section. You have to use the level to control the reverb ON/OFF. I hate that!

3. This amp need to be loud in order to sound good! But not at its maximum level. If you are in a small room, and just use bedroom level, this speaker sounds pretty dark. But when you turn up the master, sounds very good!

Here's what I really enjoy about this amp:
1. The built in "Plate" reverb sounds very~ good! Although it's a mono effect, still sounds awesome!

2. Two separate channels, one for your AC guitar, one for your vocal Mic.
Very useful for small gigs.

3. Built in rechargeable battery is so awesome! It means I can take it anywhere I want, and don't have to worry about electricity.

4. Built in tuner is also very great! Accurate enough for such a small package!

5. Bluetooth function is always great! I can control all the functions using the "Stageman" app. Also I can play music wirelessly!

6. It has a line output, and headphone out. I especially love the line output!
I can monitor my sound though the built in speaker, and send the sound to the PA guys. Super useful!

Overall, I like the size, weight, and all the convenient functions built in this amp! If you want a very portable, small size amp, that still sounds good. Check out this NUX AC-25!

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