NYMS Twin Peaks Inspired Modular Set

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"Modular performances inspired by the groundbreaking TV series Twin Peaks. This combined work of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti has no doubt inspired a lot of electronic and experimental musicians. All components of the show are in play here; from the original series, to the movie, the (very different in tone) revival, written works – whatever inspires the performer to pick up some patch cables and channel the mystery surrounding the little Northwest mountain town where nothing is as it seems." - NYMS

This set uses the following: Make Noise Strega, 0-CTRL, STO, Morphagene. Mutable Instruments: Plaits (clone), Tides (clone), Veils. Tip Top Audio: Forbidden Planet, Echoz. ALM Busy Circuits: Pamela's New Workout. Befaco Outputs, Arturia Rackbrute. UAD Apollo Twin, Ableton Suite DAW
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