Office Hours Live from Chicago w/ Steve Albini, Fire-Toolz (THE FREE HALF of Ep 214 7/22/22)

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Starts @ 1:37. The holy trinity was live and in person from the Windy City with legendary Chicagoans producer/musician Steve Albini (17:30) and musician Fire-Toolz (1:05:32).

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Art by Dan Mulcahy

Office Hours Live is a weekly call-in show with Tim Heidecker, DJ Douggpound and Vic Berger (aka the holy trinity). Every episode you'll hear sound bite battles, drops galore, and Tim's rants and riffs on politics, music, his kids and whatever else is happening in his life (and the lives of our callers). Special guests have included Jack Black, Ilana Glazer, Fred Armisen, John C. Reilly, Weyes Blood, Tim Robinson, Sarah Sherman, Eric Wareheim and more. Support us on Patreon to watch the full 2+ hour show every week, plus tons of exclusive content.
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