Official Unboxing Fosi Audio BT30D Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Class D Audio Amplifier

Fosi Audio;
BT30D Amplifier:

Have issues in deciding the suitable audio amplifier to meet your audio needs within the limited space of your home theatre?

Fosi Audio BT30D Mini Hi-Fi Amplifier is more miniature than you can imagine, and the sound quality will excite all audiophiles. It is powerful with an added subwoofer function and medium-sized knobs to control the sound and other functions according to your listening needs.

Though BT20A, another amplifier product from Fosi Audio, is also a well-designed unit, it lacks subwoofer function. Fosi BT30D Audio Amplifier can smoothly fit into your space without annoyance or elaborate setup. It is also lightweight, weighing a maximum of 2.07 pounds, an improvement from the earlier models. It is slightly different in appearance from BT20A but offers the same audio quality and reliability while allowing woofer and passive speaker connectivity.
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