OLD Name, NEW Sound: VANDERSTEEN 2Ce Signature III

The Audiophiliac returns to an old favorite, the Vandersteen 2C!

Thanks go out to Audio Connection, https://www.audioconnect.com

0:00 Meet the Vandersteen 2Ce Signature III
1:56 Richard Vandersteen thinks different
2:38 Specs
3:11 John Rutan from Audio Connection
4:34 What, no binding posts?
5:58 The 2Ce danced with the NAD M23, Pass XA25, and LTA 40 amps...
7:02 First listening impressions
8:30 A great recording
9:27 As Dynamic as a Klipsch?
10:46 Vandersteen with a tube amp
13:48 Can the 2Ce play nicely at quiet volume?
14:26 Can the 2Ce rock out?
16:15 So Steve, what do you really think?
17:23 Audiophiliac Viewer System of the Day
18:49 Outro

The 2Ce manual, scroll down to resources, https://www.vandersteen.com/products/model-2ce-signature-iii

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