OMNIS-DUO Review. The battery powered all-in-one (The end Of Pioneer DJ?)

The OMNIS-DUO is a new portable all-in-one system from AlphaTheta, the company that (you probably didn't know) owns Pioneer DJ.

In a press release this week across all of Pioneer DJs' social media accounts, AlphaTheta released a statement announcing its arrival as a brand.

In this review, we discuss all its new features, including its unique input and output Bluetooth connectivity and built-in battery for 5 Hours of non-stop beats.

Does this mean the end of Pioneer DJ? Who knows! But what we do know is that AlphaTheta is ready to make some noise in the industry with some very BOLD new products, starting with the OMNIS-DUO.

Check out the review and let us know your thoughts.

00:00 Introduction
00:11 The end of Pioneer DJ???
00:53 Highlights
02:38 Connectivity
05:35 Bluetooth Output
07:06 Touch Screen
08:58 Where is streaming???
09:37 Performance Features
15:19 Settings
17:48 What does this mean?
18:35 Price
19:40 Our Thoughts

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