One SICK Ford F450 61,000 watt sound system! Twelve 12's 4th order bandpass | a MASTERPIECE

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My buddy Bobby Gately always comes up with the most awesome stuff and SOMETIMES i get to help a little bit. This amp rack housing 12 B2 Audio 4500 watt amps is 100% his design, his vision, his project. I am just got to cut it on my laser for him. Finally today i got to see AND hear it in person. It didn't disappoint! This is for sure one of if not the sickest F450 i have seen!

If you're looking for a Ford F450 61,000 watt sound system that will rock your event, then you need to check out this system! With a 4th order bandpass and twelve 12's, this sound system is sure to get your event party started!

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