One Thing I Don't Like About this Amp (Line 6 Catalyst)

I’m giving you the tones from ALL of the amp models in the Line 6 Catalyst modeling amp (this is the 100-watt version). And I’ll also share my thoughts, both what I like and what I would change about the Catalyst amp.

You guys know I’ve been using Line 6 products for my tones for over a decade now, starting with the POD XT Live, POD HD500, and I even had a Line 6 Flextone amp before that.

Even now, I use the POD Go for my live solo gigs.

So I was excited to try out the new Line 6 Catalyst amp.

I’m also hanging out with ‘Riff with Cliff’ at Replay Guitar Exchange. I’m grateful to be able to film here to give you this kind of content. This isn’t a sponsored video, by the way.

They’re cool enough to let me do this so I proudly promote their brand. Please check out their website below.

Replay Guitar Exchange website (they also take online orders):

Video Contents:

01:43 - Features - Effects
05:06 - Features - Amp Types and EQ
05:53 - Features - Back of amp
06:43 - Clean
07:21 - Boutique
07:54 - Chime
08:28 - Crunch
08:57 - Dynamic
09:47 - Hi Gain
10:59 - Tone Talk with Cliff

Also, I mentioned the video at Cliff's studio:

I hope you enjoyed the video.

I know the audio for the talking parts with Cliff and I weren’t up to par. Fortunately, I had two cameras rolling and was using my Rode VideoMic NT with one of them.

Come to find, the mic wasn’t on (gggrrrrr….this is an issue I’ve had with this mic. It’s supposed to turn on when it’s plugged in but that doesn’t always happen! I know better to check and make sure it’s on before filming, so that’s my fault).

Anyway, hope the audio wasn’t too bad. The room we were in was originally built for a recording studio so the sound in there is pretty good.

Let me know your thoughts on the Line 6 Catalyst amp in the comments.

Keep it Metal,

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