Orange Crush Mini Demo 2020 | Can I Record a Real Song With This Thing?

The Orange Crush Mini guitar amp has many reviews and demos online, but I wondered if this thing was good enough to use in an actual song recording. So my Orange Crush Mini demo is a full on, proper guitar instrumental song using the Orange Crush Mini. Let's see if this amp that is smaller than my pug can make some real music?!

The Orange Crush Mini is an inexpensive amp and around $70 retail and is a great way to see if you can make music with inexpensive gear.

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Gear used in video:
Orange Crush Mini
Strandberg Boden OS6
Fender Squier

0:00 - Unboxing
1:00 - Intro
1:28 - The Song
3:08 - How It Was Recorded + Plug-ins

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