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The BASSRIG Super Vintage is an all-analogue amp recreation and overdrive pedal, based on the legendary Ampeg® SVT® valve bass amp and its unmistakable 8x10 speaker cabinet. Introduced in 1969, the SVT® was the first purpose-built, high-powered bass amp, designed to fill big stages. It set a new standard for bass amplification and remains the first choice for many of the world’s most respected players. The BASSRIG Super Vintage recreates the sound, feel and character of this revolutionary bass rig.

Familiar, responsive controls let you dial in instantly recognisable vintage and modern tones, from deep Soul and Funk to growling Rock and Metal, while the BLEND control adds in clean signal for low-end clarity and extra articulation.

Our powerful AMP OUT EQ tailors the voicing of the pedal to suit any amp and cab, never compromising your clean tone, and the cabinet-simulated DI OUT means you don’t need to use an amp at all – the perfect bass tone, direct to your PA or studio console.
The BASSRIG Super Vintage gives you the world’s biggest bass amp tones in a pedal you can take anywhere.
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Origin Effects BASSRIG Super Vintage:

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0:00 Intro
0:34 Precision Bass Tones
1:58 Pedal Overview
2:44 Jazz Bass Tones
4:47 Pedal Overview Cont.
5:30 Stingray Tones
7:08 Pedal Overview Cont.
7:48 Gibson Bass Tones
10:15 Controls Explained
12:39 Controls Demonstrated
14:53 Active Bass Tones
18:11 Final Thoughts
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