Origin Effects M-EQ Driver

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The M-EQ DRIVER offers three different mid boost frequencies and is capable of a clean mid boost, all the way to thick, resonant distortion. With a moderate mid boost and higher DRIVE settings, amp-like, mid-forward drive tones are available. Pushing more mids into the push-pull output stage will result in more overdrive at the chosen frequency, resulting in some howling, “cocked wah” sounds. Try balancing the DRIVE and MID controls for a range of subtle and not-so-subtle tones.
The M-EQ DRIVER also features our Adaptive Circuitry, applied to the CUT control. Based on the High Frequency Attenuation band of a Pultec®, the CUT control progressively removes treble as it is increased. With the ADAPT switch engaged, this high-end roll-off is reduced as the pedal cleans up, allowing for a smooth transition from warm overdrive to bright clean tones by adjusting your guitar’s volume knob or playing dynamics.
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