Our pregnancy story with 4 kids | Tips about pregnancy and birth | What’s in my HOSPITAL BAG?

A lot of you asked me for this video on my 4 pregnancies and how different they all are. The time line for the video is below:

0:00 Let's talk about my pregnancy after miscarriage
11:25 Maya is born (baby #1)
21:04 Pregnant with Martin (baby#2)
30:28 Martin is born at 10 pounds!!!
41:00 Pregnant with Marianna (baby#3)
47:03 Marianna is born
54:31 Pregnant with Milana (baby #4)
57:43 Milana is born
01:03:40 What's in my hospital bag
01:16:34 Can formulas are amazing

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We are a crazy family that enjoy life no matter what we are faced with. We believe everything happens for a reason and everything in life has a lesson and purpose.We have ups and downs like anyone else but life is like a theater you just have to play along. My name is Margarita and my husband is Maxim. We have 4 adorable kids Maya, Martin, Marianna and Milana. We hope you enjoy our FAMILY DAYLIFE as we share our life raw with you, video on YouTube everyday!!!!

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