Pairing Method of TT103 and TT104 Tour Audio Guide System

How to pair TT103 and TT104 tour guide audio systems?
First, turn on the transmitter and receiver. Long press the left and right button of the transmitter, until the channel number on the screen starts flashing, then you can press the left or right button to adjust the channel you want.
Secondly, press and hold the "M" button of the transmitter for about 3 seconds until the blinking icon appears on the screen, and then release the "M" button. At this time, bring the receiver close to the transmitter, the receiver's channel will match the transmitter's channel within 5 seconds.
Third, when the transmitter and receiver channels have been synchronized, you need to click the "M" button on the transmitter to exit channel pairing.

TT103 and TT104 tour guide audio systems:

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