Paradigm's Founder Series Loudspeakers - Down to the Details - SoundStage! InSight (December 2021)

The launch of the Paradigm Founder Series loudspeakers was one of the most successful of 2021, with the Canadian company filling out the line with three floorstanders, one standmount, one center-channel, and one more model that can be used as a center or main speaker.

We've already produced one Founder Series video, which focused on the technology common to most or all the models. You can watch this video here:

This video, which features Paradigm's John Soden and Blake Alty, goes into detail on each speaker model. It also shows why Paradigm, with its vast manufacturing resources and decades of speaker-building experience, enjoys a competitive advantage in the hi-fi marketplace.

Besides our videos, we have also reviewed the Paradigm Founder Series 100F, which earned Reviewers' Choice and Product of the Year awards. Read the review on SoundStage! Hi-Fi here:

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