Patch-Tober #6

Today's patch includes a new camera angle and my sweatpants. You're welcome. :)

Patch Notes

1. Drums (both kicks) and clock from Deluge (sent to a mult). Deluge is also receiving all audio from the modular rack, and recording the session. This is my most common setup.

2. Bass/strings-sound (first medlodic sound in the video): Steppy triggering Mimetic Digitalis, sending pitch CV to uO_C for quantization and thjen into Rings, which is running in one of the two "Easter-Egg" modes. Rings output to Lapsus Os for attenuation, then to Erica Synths Dual FX in a nice distorted reverb mode.

3. Plucky sound: This is a bit more complex. I am sending audio out from Tides V2 into the input on a complex LFO (Barton circuits "Waveform Animator," which applies the sum of 3 distinct and controllable LFOs to manipulate the incoming signal (without an incoming signal it outputs the complex LFO waveform as a modulation source). I am splitting the output to (1) into my VCA for routing the outbound audio, and (2) into a mixer for attenuation and then into uO_C ASR to create a constrained sequence. Another input to the mixer is a free channel on Lapsus Os, so I can send voltage to raise the pitch. The output from uO_C ASR goes into the left channel on uO_C for quantization, then to the v/oct on Tides to sequence pitch. The uO_C ASR is being clocked/triggered by the clock from Deluge. Another copy of the clock triggers the Dopefer A-140-2 envelope which (left channel) opens the VCA for the Tides sound. Audio from Tides into the VCA next goes into WMD C4RBN filter, using the LP out into Lapsus Os for attenuation before going into Erica Synths Dual FX in delay mode.
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