Patreon Q&A with Audioholics: Loudspeakers, AT Screens, Atmos vs Auro 3D

This is a private Q&A session for our Patrons. Once a month we will be hosting an open Q&A event for ALL of the Audioholics Patrons with our top tier supporters able to join in on our video discussion. We covered a wide variety of topics for our first Q&A event all indexed below for your convenience.

0:00 Introduction to Patreon
1:00 Interview with Patron Elvin Paulino
2:00 Wide Channel Speaker Idea
5:27 Interview with Patron Marc Bittner
10:15 Streamers Compared
11:30 Kaleidescape Media Player
17:21 Install for Largest House in North America
17:22 Micro LED
28:30 Hearing Considerations
31:04 Matching Small Speakers w a LARGE Sub
33:05 Anthony Grimani Speakers
55:10 Loudspeaker talk
40:17 L-Shaped Couch Issues
42:12 Dominique Fils-Aime
44:40 Waterfall Plots
47:20 Gummies
49:25 RT60 Decay Time Goals
53:47 Pioneer Elite Speakers
54:55 Acoustically Transparent Screen Comparison
59:29 Flat Panel Displays vs Projectors
1:03:00 Dolby Atmos vs Auro 3D
1:05:48 Speaker Placement Considerations
1:09:26 Bad Dolby Atmos Mixes
1:11:08 David Frangioni Atmos Mixes
1:16:30 How Can We Become Experts?

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