PC Cases should use cross flow fans, too. Why forfeit efficiency?

I wanted to make a smoke video demonstrating the turbulence of radial fans.
I almost got upset with all the ash falling into the center of the fan...until I realized those ashes were sitting in a dead zone. That represents at least 3 square inches of dead zone down the middle of the radiator. Inefficiency in fans means more noise.

Do not misconstrue the intent. ARGBling radial fans are great. Just not great everywhere.

Cross flow fans have laminar air flow delivery, with little turbulence. Large versions of these fans are used at door entrances as 'air curtains', other types of squirrel cage fans are used in HVAC systems. Cross Flow fans are superior to radial fans because they have higher static pressure applications, such as air filtration.

A cross flow fan, with shroud in a pull configuration creates no dead zones. In a pull configuration, cross flow fans take up the same room as a 6 fan push/pull configuration, without creating 3 dead spots going down the centerline of the radiator. This efficiency reduces DB's.

Generally, Cross Flow fans have higher CFM and static pressure than radial fans.

Cross Flow fan impellers are quieter than radial fan blades because more blades in a fan mean fewer decibels.

The modularity of the Lian Li 011 Dynamic EVO introduced to the case industry the opportunity to create inserts for specific market segments. A set of cross flow fans pulling through filters in a base insert would fulfil the market segment of people wanting to end deep cleaning maintenance with exceptional air filtration.
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