[PC][1440p] Dead Space (100% Logs/Schematics/Power Nodes | Impossible Diff.) - Full Game Walkthrough

Hello all! I'm back with a new video! A long time ago, I did actually record Dead Space 1, but it wasn't nearly as complete or as good as this one. Back then, I didn't go for 100%, and I also did stupid stuff like leaving my mic on for one or two chapters.

With this video, it's now in 1440p, and I've also collected every single audio log, video log, text log, schematic, power node, and opened all power node doors for 100%! I hope you all enjoy this! There are some notes about certain logs below:

1. Audio Log "Find the Data Board": I know it looks like I'm lost at 0:19:13, but the reason why I'm running around back and forth in the wrong direction is because you have to do that in order to get Kendra to call you with this audio log. I believe the trigger for the audio log is to just keep running in the wrong direction for a minute or two until she calls you.

2. Audio Log "Systems Module Placed": You may notice on Chapter 4 that I am missing 1 audio log (the audio log "Systems Module Placed"). This is because there is 1 audio log for each of the 3 rerouting objectives, but once you finish the third objective, whatever one you did last will have it's audio log replaced by "Aim the ADS Cannon." Therefore, it is impossible to get all audio logs on New Game on chapter 4, as the only way to get the last one is to do New Game+ and do the objectives in a different order.

3. Audio Log "Attach the Beacon:" In chapter 7, Into the Void, this audio log can be easy to miss. You may notice that I destroyed the gravity tethers, but ran back to the control room before placing the beacon. This may look like I'm being forgetful, but the only way to get the above audio log is to destroy the gravity tethers, DON'T plant the beacon, return to the control room, and try to launch the asteroid. This will trigger Kendra to call you telling you to plant the beacon.

4. Post Game Logs: At the end of chapter 12, it may look like I'm missing a whole bunch of logs, but the 6 slots there are actually for the post game text logs which give more backstory! If you stick around to after the credits, I actually show off all 6 of these logs in my New Game + file!

Time stamps are below:
Chapter 1: New Arrivals - 0:00:00
Chapter 2: Intensive Care - 0:36:14
Chapter 3: Course Correction - 1:08:08
Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent - 1:40:22
Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion - 2:14:08
Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard - 2:34:22
Chapter 7: Into the Void - 3:09:29
Chapter 8: Search and Rescue - 3:47:06
Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival - 4:06:18
Chapter 10: End of Days - 4:35:54
Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions - 5:29:50
Chapter 12: Dead Space - 5:54:59
Credits - 6:31:50
Post Game Logs - 6:38:31

I hope everyone enjoys this video! I plan on doing something similar with Dead Space 2 soon!

- DreamSphinxGaming
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