PCB design for Arduino Nano RP2040 Wireless RGB Pixels (NeoPixels)

This project is to control addressable RGB LED PixelStrips, sometimes called NeoPixels. This is for the WS281x series such as the WS2812B.

The microcontroller used in this project is the Arduino Nano RP2040 connect, which is an Arduino based around the RP2040 used in the Raspberry Pi Pico. It adds lots of extra functionality, including wireless networking using an ESP32 microcontroller.

This board can be used with the Arduino Wireless Pixel Server software that I showed in an earlier video to control NeoPixels wirelessly. In my case for garden lighting, but this can also be used for indoor mood lighting or discos.

Project videos:
Step 1 - designing the circuit on breadboard - https://youtu.be/VcrwZXtUDKY
Step 2 - coding the software - https://youtu.be/jSsUebQ4I4g
Step 3 - improvements to the design - https://youtu.be/vKsfrawGgtc

Project website (download software and KiCAD project file):

Thank you to JCLPCB for sponsoring this video.
You can order your own PCBs from - https://jlcpcb.com/
For details of the settings for KiCAD see: https://support.jlcpcb.com/article/149-how-to-generate-gerber-and-drill-files-in-kicad

00:00:00 Wireless NeoPixel Project
00:07:51 Designing the circuit schematic in KiCAD
00:31:07 Creating the PCB design in KiCAD
00:58:56 Exporting the PCB for manufacture
01:05:24 Manufactured PCB
01:06:01 Soldering the components
01:17:52 Summary and demonstration
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