Peavey VB-2 & Peavey VB-3 Tube Bass Amplifiers: Audio Samples

This video has sound samples from each of these amplifiers. YouTube audio does not do these amps justice. I intentionally kept the overall volume lower to allow for dynamics to happen. I was careful to make sure that I did not overdrive the input of the mixer board. You might hear some modulated distortion in a few clips but that is NOT coming from the amplifier or the mixer. When I edited the video clips together and uploaded to YouTube it sounds like the audio got compressed to a lower quality. When I listen to the audio on the original video clips I do not hear any distortion. Everything is clear as a bell.

The audio was captured from each of the amplifiers XLR DI outputs routed post EQ going into a channel strip on my PV6USB mixer. The mixer then is fed directly into the camera audio bus. I go through each clean channel and overdrive channel comparing the two amplifiers sound. Pardon my bass playing, it is most certainly not my best effort but will put forth a better example in the future.

****The only time you hear clipping distortion is at 19:34 with the VB-3 when I adjust the graphic EQ to be heavily boosting the various frequencies. This is a known issue that can be corrected but I still have the original tubes inside. As long as you don't have extreme graphic EQ settings the amplifier will not clip.

I hope this gives everyone an idea of how awesome these amplifiers are. I am still looking for the Peavey Michael Anthony VB-MA, the successor to the VB-3. It has some refinements and additional features that I really want to have for my collection. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to find.
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