Pedal Mates Ep. 08: Boss Waza DC-2w, MXR Octavio, Source Audio True Spring, Classic tones made wide!

It's 2022 and we're back! (Though we filmed this is in 2021, shhhh). This episode we've got a classic fuzz octave in the MXR Octavio, a reissued legendary '80s chorus with the Boss Waza Dimension C DC-2w and a digital, true stereo spring reverb from Source Audio.

These are an awesome combo if you want to explore stereo signal chains. The DC-2w features two independent delay lines, meaning it can add stereo dimension to a mono signal. It's essentially a preset pedal, with just 4 radio buttons and a switch to change the sound between 20 possible options that range from very subtle to very not subtle. Roland/Boss really defined what modern chorus effects sound like in the '70s and '80s, the DC-2w is a faithful recreation of the circuits found on the original DC-2 pedal and the SDD-320 Dimension D studio rack effect.

Source Audio's True Spring is an anomaly in the pedal world, it's possibly the only true stereo spring reverb effect available. Many reverbs rely on summing stereo signals to mono before they're processed by the reverb and made stereo again with modulation. Not the case with True Spring, there's enough processing power under the hood to run each channel independently, making for an even wider, more natural sound.

MXR's Octavio does what it says on the tin, and like all MXR pedals, sounds unreal. Ideal for big chunky riffs and screaming thick leads, it brings a great presence to fuzz sounds, which can something be a bit of a soupy mess.

And finally, the intro is a shout out to all the 30-something ex-emo kids out there, we're sorry to tell you, but Taking Back Sunday's Cute Without the E is 20 years old this year. #takemeback

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