Pedals // Take Me Down To The Riverside!

Check out https://linktr.ee/joshgilbertband I am doing a series of videos on pedals -- mostly from the perspective of live and concert use! This next episode I am demonstrating and talking about one of my staple pedals on my board, the Riverside overdrive dual pedal by Strymon! It's an amazing pedal, but not really flashy, but very useful for a variety of drive tones! I will be sharing a series of videos of gear I use, not full demos of equipment, but just what I like about it and how I use it (in a live show setting). Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more! #livemusic #fender #fenderstratocaster #strymoneffetspedals #strymonriverside #badcatamplifier #epiphone #bosseffectspedals #workingmusician #joshgilbertband
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