Penetrater HB-1000 Linear Amplifier Repair | No 12V Power | Front Panel Repair

This is an amateur radio amplifier that also has a built in 12V power source to run your mobile radio as a base station. The output is somewhere between 100-250W depending on the drive wattage, SSB or AM etc.

The UA723CN Voltage regulator IC failed and burned its leg off that feeds the base of the TIP3055 NPN transistor. This board feeds the linear amp as well as the radio power.

The switches on the front were also damaged but that was an easy replacement.

If you happen to have a spectrum analyzer and/or Bird Watt meter and slugs you don't want, send them my way. I have a bunch of radio gear to repair and a general understanding of what to do, but I do not have the proper test equipment yet. I'd be eternally grateful if you were to donate some gear.

The owner of this amp is a US military vet, and more-so a really nice guy so I am only charging him parts and shipping. All my labor is donated. I figure this video and it's ad revenue will make up for the labor. I'll be doing more videos soon like that so 'stay tuned'.

Thanks for watching!

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