Perimeter Protection: Bi-spectrum Thermal cameras with audio

Currently, one of the most effective ways to protect the perimeter of a premises, is to simulate a guard.
Previously, CCTV cameras only simulated a guard's eyes & memory. (Live view & Playback).

Now we can offer an active response on the spot, making it a preventative solution.

The sequence of events when a guard responds to an intrusion is:
First he HEARS something happening,
then he turns to SEE what it is.
After that, he will SPEAK to the intruder.
If the intruder does not respond, he will use force, or call for assistance.

A guard's EARS traditionally is simulated by alarm sensors, like PIR's & beams.
All security starts with accurate SENSING.
A trigger of some sorts.

With CCTV we use THERMAL CAMERAS with intrusion & line crossing triggers, and occasionally supplement it with beams & PIR's, should circumstances dictate it.

(Radar has also entered the market as a very cost effective, accurate solution to assist PTZ cameras in zooming in on an intruder.
In the 120º detection radius, models vary in distance from 60m to 400m)

Simulating EYES, still remains the traditional CCTV day/night camera, but now, with a little bit of supplement white lite built in, the low light abilities of cameras provides 24h colour images.

This provides visual verification, where human intervention can be visually assisted for better decision making.

A guards MOUTH is simulated by a powered horn speaker, connected to the bi-spectrum camera.
Firstly, a trigger will set off an announcement of a pre-recorded warning message (generic of custom message).
A live audible response from the video monitoring room, or through your App, is even more effective to ward off intruders.

The free App provides instant response upon a Notification (which can be switched on or off).
Integration with video intercom systems, alarm systems & access control systems, have become a lot better.
Every aspect can be controlled via your App.

The best practice, is to contract the response out to a professional video monitoring company, paid to be awake 24/7.
(some price their services per amount of triggers, rather than the amount of cameras)

If the audible warning is ignored, they will call you, or your armed response company, to respond in person.

No physical barrier on it's own, can prevent a breach of the perimeter when left unattended.
With enough time, it will most likely be breached.

Early warning, visual verification and active response, is the best way to prevent unwanted intrusions.

Generally our solutions costs up to halve the price of a decent fence.
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