Philippine National Anthem(Monophonic Tunes) on Musical Flyback Transformer | Curious Chan

A huge thanks to Mr. Fabricio Franzoli of Franzoli Electronics for sharing his EasyFlyback schematic to the public, making this project possible.

I made this video to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day...

Pardon me for the poor audio quality; I was using the microphone from plug-in earphones...

In this video, I tested an older version of Franzoli's EasyFlyback circuit and it works very great for monophonic tunes. Currently, I'm tweaking the schematic a bit to accommodate sound sources with low amplitude(e.g. audio output from smartphones via 3.5mm audio jack). The sounds generated by electric arcs are modulated by a 555 timer circuit.The musical sparks sound much better and louder in person.

Suggestions? Please leave your comments below so I can think about them. I'll be waiting...

Curious Chan, out.
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