PINK FLOYD Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - Is MONO the way to go? New MONO reissue coming soon!!

Who wants mono, when you have a stereo option? I used to think this way. Its not always a cut and dry case that stereo is superior. In the late '60's, as stereo started entering the mainstream, many titles were offered in both formats. Most people went for the stereo, as it was the new thing, and why buy a format that was being phased out? As a result, original mono editions of titles Like Pink Floyd's debut The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and The Beatles Sgt Pepper are extremely rare in mono.One reason mono holds a fascination for avid collectors is that more effort went into mixing the mono. A well known example are the Beatles records. The mono often had the direct input of the artists, where the stereo, still somewhat a novelty for pop records was an afterthought, completed by people other that the original engineers and artists. Another reason is early stereo mixes can by gimmicky, lopsided, or just straight up bad. A third reason one might seek out a mono edition would be it having striking differences, which can be interesting for die hard fans. A mono pop record can sound more direct, intentional, and rock a bit harder than their stereo counterparts.For a psychedelic album, the case can be made that stereo, with its ability to produce trippy sound movement is the way to go. Im of two minds about this, so the only solution is to have BOTH! I can say that when i want to hear either of the albums I've discussed, I choose the mono.
This new mono reissue is finally being made available to the general public. It is the same remastering as the very limited run done for Record Store Day a couple of years back. It was mastered by Bernie Grundman and honestly has never sounded better! What a gift to fans who missed out on the limited edition who want to add this to their collection!
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Pink Floyd: The Piper At The Gates OF Dawn Mono LP

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