Pioneer VSX-935 Atmos AV Receiver Review and Price in india | Pioneer VXS-834 vs Pioneer VSX-935

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You might have watched our last video about Pioneer VSX 834, if not then you might want to check that out first. https://youtu.be/qcL9mC0GMD0
So, you might have questions about exactly what is the difference between 935 and 834 other than the model number and few tweaks here and there. Well to answer your question, I just want to say that Pioneer VSX 935 is on a different level than his small brother VSX 834 and the big brother VSX 935 gets to have features which small brothers like VSX 834 don’t usually get.

Jokes aside the VSX 935 is a bit bulky because of the added features you get and obviously the bigger power supply to power this little beast. A treat for all the movie buffs as it has HDR 10+ and Dolby Atmos compatibility. This AVR can become a gamers good ally as it also boasts a special feature to reduce latency so that you get to enjoy smooth gameplay every time.

The Pioneer VSX 935 is priced at around 90,000/- INR. So, make sure to watch the full video to know if it’s your next buy or not?

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Pioneer VSX-935 Atmos AV Receiver Review and Price in india | Any reason for Denon X-1700H to worry?

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