Pitbull Bass Strings Gold Series GEB 4 L 45 100/GEB 4 SL 40-95 Sound Sample

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Pitbull Gold Series bass guitar strings are made of hexagonal American steel core string and nickel alloy windings wound on them. Because nickel is an alloy, it cannot be stripped off the string, similar to nickel-plated windings. This has a positive effect on the tarnishing process in the strings. In addition, nickel alloy windings have a unique, dynamic sound character.Thanks to the Pitbull Bite feature, tuning consistency is at the highest level. Also, thanks to this feature, the strings are easily attached to the auger of your bass guitar. It is indispensable for recording and concert performances.

If you are looking for balanced tones and a comfortable playing feel, Pitbull Gold Series Bass Guitar strings are for you!

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