PLUG ME - Ten Guitar Amp Comparison

Ten Guitar amp plugin demo in a mix and also isolated guitar tracks. I only had an EQ on the guitar bus for a Hi & Lo pass with a Multi-Band Compressor clamping down around the 250Hz range at -2.6db to reduce some mud. I used the same DI for all the tracks. It wasn't surprising that some sounded great isolated but fell apart in the mix and vice versa.

Half of the plugins I used are complete rigs. They had noise gates, pedals in front of the amp, the amp itself, EQ section & cab IR. The other half I had to pair an overdrive or boost pedal to the amp & find a couple of IRs to complete the sound. I didn't use the same IR for all of them, the point was to showcase the whole signal chain of the particular plugin or find a chain that worked best. A big thanks to Ola Englund for the drum track, it was from his Sundays With Ola Riff Challenge #57.

Which ones did you like? Which ones didn't you like? Which one matched the riff the best? Let me know in the comments

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Solid State Logic SSL2+
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