Police Siren or Police Alarm DIY Electronic Project

Police Siren or Police Alarm DIY Electronic Project
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Hi friends, today in this video, I'm going to show you, How to make police siren. This circuit is working on 5 to 9 volt DC power. To learn this circuit, watch this video until the end. To make this circuit, you will need these electronic components.
1000uf capacitor
100uf capacitor
10uf capacitor
100nf capacitor
555timer IC 2 pieces
8 pin IC base 2 pieces
Wire connector
1 kilo ohms resistor 2 pieces
33 kilo ohms resistor
10 kilo ohms resistor 2 pieces
100 kilo ohms resistor
And speaker
The next thing you will need, is a piece of zero PCB. I have ordered these PCBs on JLCPCB dot com, if you are also interested, I will show you the complete ordering process at the end of this video.
Now insert all the required electronic components, into the PCB one by one, according to the circuit diagram shown on the screen. And solder all of them. Then insert 555 timer ICs into the IC bases. After that insert both wires of speaker into the PCB, and solder them. Now your Police siren circuit is ready. Let's test it by connecting 9 volt DC power.

Police Siren or Police Alarm DIY Electronic Project
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