Polk Audio Reserves, Yamaha Aventage, Emotiva XPA-3 Home Theater Sound Demo - Spiderman No Way Home

My Setup:

Receiver: Yamaha RX-A2080

External Amp: Emotiva XPA-3

Mains: Polk Audio Reserve R700s

Center: Polk Audio Reserve R400

Satellite Surrounds: Polk Audio ES15s

Rear Surrounds: Polk Audio ES15s

ATMOS: Polk Audio OMW3s

Front Subwoofers: Dual Rythmik FVX15s

Rear Subwoofers: Dual Rythmik L12s

Digital Sound Processor: MiniDSP 2x4HD

TV: Samsung Q7 75”

Player: Sony UBP-X800M2 4K UHD

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