Polk R700 Floorstanding Speaker Review Discussion

A couple years ago, Polk hit a homerun with their high-perfomance flagship Legend series, and we were eager to see how that would affect their lower-tier series which were due for a refresh. Polk recently launched the Reserve series that sees much of the technology developed for the Legend series trickle down to this more affordable line. But the surprising thing was that the technology didn't just trickle down, it is largely the same; the Reserve series uses some of the same drivers as the Legend series. What is more, the port technology is improved over that of the Legend series. In our review, we look at the big guy of Polk's Reserve series, the R700 tower speaker. How does this compare to the Legend series, and how does it fare against similarly priced rivals? Tune into our Livestream discussion to find out what we think of the Polk Reserve R700!

For the full written report: https://bit.ly/33SQtpb

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