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Torepdo ST-806 4 Ch.
Pioneer GM-E7004 4Ch.

*My Handmade Power Supplies:-
12v 50 Ampere

Our Handmade Enclosure

*Check My Second Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEpVQx1ML0iPYt9304JigwA

**Video Of Punjabi Song Playing On This System-- https://youtu.be/vbYSl3EI_kA

** Video Of 12v 50 Ampere DC Power Supply-- https://youtu.be/yxOv7iqJK3E

**Video Of Our Subwoofers-- https://youtu.be/RdwVldFCRxo

**Video Of 160 ampere DC Power supply-- https://youtu.be/iuTDpDL5EJg

** Video Of Making Ported Enclosure-- https://youtu.be/MubsgakPxPU

** Video Of Interfire 6000 Class D Amplifier-- https://youtu.be/a30xFa-2iH4

** Video Of AHC Subwoofer Making Procedure-- https://youtu.be/5bSeE1QhjYU

**Video Of High Input-- https://youtu.be/kbJ2SAi5Ij0

**Video Of 12v 50 Ampere DC Power Supply-- https://youtu.be/ATyDwdUvMDc

** Video of Restoration Sony's 5.1 Music system-- https://youtu.be/erI4X1kC-ZE

** VIDEO of Repairing Mono Amplifier Interfire 6000= https://youtu.be/uuDNIxnkhr4

** Video Of Best 12v 130 Ampere DC Power Supply For Any Amplifier-- https://youtu.be/BoD2EOnYEPA

** VIDEO For How To Use Computer Power supply Unit (PSU)/ SMPS as source of 12v DC for amplifiers-- https://youtu.be/COXMEjLQOu4

** VIDEO Of Interfire 6000 (Mono) Amplifier--

** VIDEO of JVC 4 Channel Amplifer Usage and details-- https://youtu.be/Wl4ukJ5QuFY

** VIDEO of Recone/Making Subwoofer/Speaker/Woofer-- https://youtu.be/4xL-DAptCcA

** VIDEO Of Identification Of Negative/Positive Terminals of Speaker (Polarity)-- https://youtu.be/5P0lobsssAc

** VIDEO of 200 RMS Handmade Subwoofer For Car-- https://youtu.be/OKD1M9qA6aw

** Video Of Best 12v 130 Ampere DC Power Supply's Inside And Making-- https://youtu.be/BoD2EOnYEPA

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