Positive Grid Spark Mini

Positive Grid Spark Mini. This is a 10 watt portable practice amp. It can go up to 95 db and you can use it with electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar. The Positive Grid Spark Mini only has 3 knobs compare to the larger Positie Grid Spark but it has all of the same functionality within the app - from the amps, to pedals and from jam tracks to software that plays along with you.

Is this the best practice amp? Well it's up there with teh Boss Katana mini and the app makes it very easy to get pretty much any sound you want. Oddly this makes a fantastic bluetooth speaker.

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➤ Videos you may find interesting:
Positive Grid Spark - https://youtu.be/vQKV64AoRQI

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0:00 How loud does it go
1:01 bluetooth speaker
1:55 acoustic guitar amp
2:36 Positive Grid app
4:17 record output

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