Power Amplifier Inside | Accuphase E 305 | IDLE - DC OFFSET - BULBS

Hi guys, today in this video you will find Power Amplifier Accuphase E 305 during inside inspection with all stages description, step by step measurements for IDLE and DC offset and process for bulbs replacements.
Inside Layout in back left corner is located meter drive/protection PCB followed by logic relay control PCB, in the middle we can see big toroidal power transformer connected to a full wave bridge rectifier followed by 2 x 33000uf filter capacitors, on the sides we see big radiators with power amplifiers PCB. On the right side is located Preamplifier PCB connected to active tone control PCB located on the front side.
Integrated Stereo Audio Amplifier Accuphase E 305 was released in 1987 and output stage is parallel push pull with 6 transistors and he is delivering 130W / 8ohms load.
Input board is located on the back side of Accuphase E 305 and inputs are switched by logic controlled relays.
Accuphase E 305 is using MOS FET in front stage for driving power transistors.
Accuphase E 305 he is using BIG Peak Power Meters and his weight is 20.5 Kg.

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