Power and Digital HiFi Cables Demo with VBS Audio

My own experience with power cables and digital cables, with a sound recording. Read my written reviews with scores at https://iiwireviews.com/
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00:00 My experience
08:50 Demo explanation
12:23 Sound Demo Song 1
13:44 Sound Demo Song 2
15:03 Sound Demo Song 3
16:05 Cable reveal and talk VBS talk

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Test system:
Pi2AES Streamer + Allo Shanti
Denafrips Ares II DAC
Hegel H90 Integrated Amp
KEF LS50 speakers
VBS Power cables, Interconnect cables, Digital cables + Neotech NEMOS-3080 Speaker Cable.

Track 1 - Bert Jerred - Forecasting
Track 2 - Jeffrey Philip Nelson - Sarah
Track 3 - Quincas Moreira - Selfie Stick

#hifi #audiophile #cables #stereo
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