Preamp tube Microphonic Analyzer for 12AX7 6SL7 Test Fender Guitar amp tubes before installing

A device that I have always wanted on the bench. Yes, a way to test tubes before use for defects. A solution to swapping out tubes in your amp, sorting noisy tubes, causing wear & tear to those vintage sockets. The Micronaut solves this problem. It is a versatile test device, allowing you to check tube quality, balance, Microphonic activity, etc. It also has provisions for connection of external monitoring via amp or oscilloscope. Signals can be injected to listen to the tube and compare brands. A very cool device. The Micronaut can test several 7,8 and 9 pin tubes. I went after the main line preamp tubes, but will be branching out for others such as the Pentodes used in British amps. This design is very stable and accurate. The Micronaut can find defects that top of the line tube testers cannot. At this time, I do not have units available & documentation is not finalized. Please be patient. I believe this could really enhance any work bench. I use this more often than my tube testers! Contact me if you'd like a unit. They wont be cheap. The construction is fairly complicated.
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