Prepping A Lamborghini Huracan Evo for an EPIC Sound System | Behind The Sound

In this new series of Behind The Sound we are taking you through the install of one of the most epic systems we have ever installed into a new Lamborghini Huracan Evo!

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This Lamborghini Huracan Evo in the incredible Lamborghini Viola Pasifae colour has arrived with us at our Cambridge workshops for the installation of an INCREDIBLE new sound system.

We specced the entire system with the customer during an Audio Consultation, and he travelled several hours across the UK to us to have the system installed.

This Huracan Evo has arrived to us with the factory sound system, which is a simple 2 way front end - no sub, and no serious amplification. The car is also quite thin and tinny, with very little soundproofing.

After initial checks of the vehicle and giving it a full wash, the Huracan is brought into the workshops to begin its strip down - the front tub is completely removed, and the interior totally stripped out to allow access to the original components, areas that require soundproofing, and for fabrication purposes.

In the front tub, we are going to be completing a mammoth install involving not just one, but THREE Audison Thesis amplifiers. Thesis is the most premium equipment offered by Audison, and the components provide incredible power and quality, while being built to exceptionally high standards. This is kit that will last a lifetime.
Fitting three large amplifiers into the front tub is not easy - we need to provide cable routing, power, and fuses, while still maintaining an element of removeability to allow for access to the vehicle battery and other serviceable parts. Stay tuned for more episodes of Behind The Sound where we will go deeper into the build for the amp rack.

In the cabin itself, we will be soundproofing as much of the vehicle as possible - primarily the doors, both panels and cards, as well as the floor, rear shelf and roof, all to create the best possible environment for the sound system to work in.

The front end is being swapped for a full Thesis front end, which will be running fully active. We are using the Thesis Violino tweeters to replace the factory tweeters, but due to the increase in size we will be fabricating custom A pillars to house the new tweeters, as well as place them on axis.
In the doors, we will be fitting the Thesis 6.5" Sax woofers, replacing the original factory speakers, but in a totally factory location.

Behind the seats, we will be fabricating a full new housing to fit 2 8" Subwoofers, one behind each seat. This will provide incredibly punchy bass throughout the cabin, but is also why soundproofing is so important in this system.

Thanks for watching our video.

If you are interested in a similar install in your vehicle, please feel free to get in touch!

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