Priority Audio Ducking with Sound Masking Systems on Pro Acoustics Tech Talk Episode 79


In this episode, Nathan demonstrates how priority audio ducking works with commercial sound masking systems.

Sound masking is the popular acoustic process of adding a specific soft ambient background sound engineered to match the frequency of human speech. Noise masking systems can help to reduce noise distractions, protect speech privacy, and increase comfort and productivity.
Sound masking is useful in banks and financial organizations, military and government agencies, hotel lobbies, spas, libraries, educational institutions, hospitals, pharmacies, retail, churches, offices, or anywhere that needs more speech privacy and fewer distractions.

Many of these applications also need the ability for paging and announcements. That is where using priority ducking comes in.

Priority Ducking immediately compresses, attenuates, or lowers the level of one or more audio sources when the audio of a "Priority" input is sensed or reaches a specified threshold. The audio on the priority input is then sent to the outputs in place of, or louder than, the attenuated audio. This attenuation is maintained as long as the audio signal is present at the Priority input. When the Priority signal is no longer present, the other audio sources are automatically restored to their previous level.

In the case of sound masking, the ambient noise being generated is lowered or muted completely to ensure that the page or announcement is heard clearly. Ducking can be specifically important in sound masking systems because, as previously mentioned, sound masking is engineered to match the frequency of human speech and effectively make it unintelligible. As you might guess, this could be an issue when you have information that you need to make sure is heard.

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