Product Application Webinar: Principles and Best Practices of EEG Hyperscanning

Hyperscanning is an emerging topic in neuroscience research. It is being explored in various application fields to gain insight into the neural underpinnings of inter- and intra-brain interactions. Such studies involve data acquisition from two or more subjects simultaneously, therefore, the experimental setup is relatively complex and mandates the use of multiple devices that are synchronized. Some recently published EEG hyperscanning studies shed light on aspects such as social synchrony, team performance and chemistry, audience-performer interactions as well as leader-follower dynamics.

In this webinar, Krittika Choudhury, MSc, Head of Application Support, will introduce the attendees to the concept of hyperscanning through existing literature and examples of successful use-cases in the field where the eego™ system was employed

Presenter: Krittika Choudhury, MSc
Panelists: Eshwar Ghumare, PhD and Fabio Barollo, PhD
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