Project Mercury Test Flights - Retro Documentary with Period Narration and Footage, 1959-61, NAS)

Documentary about the Project Mercury test flights, entirely based on period narration and footage. Starting with static engine tests of the Redstone and Altas rockets, we then see Little Joe flights and capsule recovery, ending with the crewed flights of Sheppard and Grissom.

Period narration (from several documentaries and progress reports) is used in an attempt to show the feeling of the times. Language and attitudes must be seen in that context. For example, test failures are minimized or simply not commented, while a modern approach would be more forthcoming.

The footage was AI remastered on some segments, besides the usual color correction. Ambient audio was recreated based on historical elements.
Sequences are shown in proper mission context as much as possible.

Research, cleanup, editing, and processing by Retro Space HD.


Mission list:

Little Joe 1
Big Joe 1
Little Joe 6
Little Joe 1A
Little Joe 2
Little Joe 1B
Beach Abort
Mercury-Atlas 1
Little Joe 5
Mercury-Redstone 1
Mercury-Redstone 1A
Mercury-Redstone 2
Mercury-Atlas 2
Little Joe 5A
Mercury-Redstone BD
Mercury-Atlas 3
Little Joe 5B
Mercury-Redstone 3
Mercury-Redstone 4
Mercury-Atlas 4
Mercury-Scout 1
Mercury-Atlas 5


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