Project XII Modular Part 21: VCA with AR Envelope

In this video I show how I built my latest voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) module that has a dedicated attack & release envelope generator with loop function. The VCA circuit is from a classic transistor design by Moritz Klein with my small modification to add CV level control. The envelope generator is one I first used in my Project Nine synth but here with the addition of a loop function circuit, also by Moritz Klein Please go and check out the Moritz Klein links as he takes you through the circuit designs step by step. The circuit diagrams and stripboard layouts I used can be found in my dropbox folder

Here is a link for the component tester I show in the video, you may be able to find alternative suppliers and there are several options for the kit.

I have only touched on a very small number of ways you can use this module, I would encourage you to build your own and start exploring what it can do in your modular patches.
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