Protests called by Thai population against lese majeste law | Thailand news | NewsRme

On the afternoon of October 31st, thousands of Thai public gathered at a prominent intersection in the central Bangkok demanding 'free speech for all'. The demand was to get rid of the controversial lese majeste law of the nation.

In the mass demonstration with an ambiance as like a street-fair, it has become a trademark for protests in the nation with Buddhist majority to come up with speech delivering from an impromptu stage with loudspeakers, live performance art, and so on.

Although the atmosphere was festive like, they did not fail to give a serious message to the Thai authorities to abolish the lese majeste law, or the Article 112 of the Criminal code. According to the law, making critical comments or remarks about the royal family members will put them to a maximum 15 years of imprisonment.

Technically, the law should only be extended to the king, queen, and their heir. However, it has been practice broadly by the courts of the nation to protect all royals, including the former ones.

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